About us

With over 17 years of premium and prestigious brand experience BDL Automotive was formed by a Mercedes technician. He had noticed over the years working for the main dealer that profit margins has become their main focus instead of giving the customer quality service. Poorly skilled technicians are now employed to increase volume instead of providing quality work. With our talent, experience and enthusiasm we have for Mercedes cars attention to detail, care and high levels of competence are our priority. We can carry out various repairs, maintenance and diagnostics depending on your car's needs.

At BDL Automotive we give your vehicle the highest level of care and to the high skill standards of the main dealer if not better. We use up to date and advanced diagnostic equipment to identify and rectify any issues that your main dealer may have tried but had difficulty in rectifying to your satisfaction.

Weather it is a small or major repair we will offer you the best advice to fit in with what you are happy with. Due to non-extravagant spend and overheads we are able to give you a more personal experience, pricing that is more realistic and manageable to enable you to care for your vehicle at the level it deserves.